I am John
and I love

  • Node.JS

  • Python

  • jQuery

  • iOS

  • Angular

  • MongoDB

  • Django

  • UI/UX

  • Express

  • github

  • Flask

The Services I offer


I’ve been working with WordPress since it’s inception. I take pride in developing custom themes and plugins for all types of clientele. Checkout a plugin I developed to compliment impress.js

iOS Development

I’ve recently fallen in love with Objective-C and all things iOS. Working with the Ekko team has given me the opportunity to get deep into the codebase of the ekko app and help rewire the front-end.

Design -> Code

I started my career as a graphic designer but quickly found that I wanted to do more than make static designs. I wanted to make my designs dance on the screen. This lead me to the world of code and in 1998 it was all Flash and Actionscript. Now it’s Javascript/Python/Objective-C.


User Interface Design and User Experience are what I pride myself in. Building human usable products people enjoy is the basis of what I focus on. When a product just works with a little bit of fun then I’ve done my job.


Hello, I am John Hanusek…

I’m a Software Engineer focused on UX. I live in San Francisco, CA with my wife Audra. I have worked with companies like BASF and MasterCard and currently working as a lead developer at BrickSF.com. Building great products is not just a job for me, it’s a passion.

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iOS Development



The works I am proud of




Calitho also known as California Lithography was a project I worked on with BrickSF in 2012. The goal was to build a custom WordPress theme with a responsive layout. The main challenge was working with a designer new to responsive layouts and keeping an open communication about what can an cannot be done.



Ekko is a cross-platform app for messaging and productivity. I started with ekko in 2011 working on the UI/UX and directly with the web application. Working on this project has given me the opportunity to learn iOS/Objective-C at a rapid pace. I continue to be involved with both the web application and the iOS application.


New York Yacht Club


New York Yacht Club was a great opportunity to try out new layout styles. Targeting larger desktop and high resolution screens we were able to build templates for NYYC and make them stand out for their members. Main challenges with this project were translating the designs to workable CSS/HTML.


Denis Schofield


I was lucky to help out a friend in need with this project. Denis Schofield is a traveling architect and was looking for a unique layout for his travel blog. With a specific set of layout details, I was able to create a WordPress theme for Denis that made it possible for him to share his experience across the globe.


Craig frazier


Working with Craig Frazier on his new site was definitely a challenge. He wanted to be able to update his work from time to time plus keep track of what people like and didn’t like from his collection. So a unique solution was in order and a combination of WordPress and Python/Flask/MongoDB seemed to be the solution.


Ted Jacobs Engineering Group


Ted Jacobs Engineering Group was a good opportunity to try new layout and filtering functions. I cam midway into this project and was my second Python/Django template building job. We added some fun animations using jQuery and CSS3.


Silent Film


SilentFilm.co was a personal project that came out of a hackathon in 2012. I teamed up with Nicholas Stephan, a colleague from ekko.net. We build an interactive application that taps into both EchoNest API and Tumblr API. Instruction are to load up the site and type something. The application will pull animated gifs based on your search term and play them to the beat of the song.




AIASF was another Python/Django project where I was in charge of building the templates. Another great opportunity to try out new jQuery functions.


Deltaway Energy


Deltaway Energy is a waste-to-energy plant company. They build and maintain power-plants that run completely on waste. This was my first start-to-finish Python/Django project.

Keep in Touch with me

Looking for someone to spearhead a new website, web application or iOS app. Maybe you just need to spruce up your current website. Feel free to give me a shout. Always looking to work on new and exciting projects.

John Hanusek
115 Corbett Ave
San Francisco, CA 94114
(910) 352 – 1145